The Excursionist

Hi I’m Jan Neil Enanoria Gador, friends call me “Jay” or “Jan” but the rest of the people call me “Gads”. I’m a Filipino who loves art, music and the outdoors. I love to doodle around when I feel like it. I keep a handy sketchbook with me at times. I don’t doodle a lot like I used to but I still find time for it. Music is one my passions. I play the guitar and bass but I generally focus on the bass cause I find it more interesting and sexy (in my own opinion). I play bass for Azimuth by the way. And I love the outdoors. I love to travel. I don’t travel a lot but I intend to. I make time for climbing, bikepacking adventures and even simple excursions. That’s why I made this blog.

I named it excursions. This is my personal blog. This serves as a venue for my ideas and creations like drawings, photographs, crap ideas, experiences, bike packing adventures, excursions, etc. Anyway, thank you for viewing and reading my blog.