Summer Prelude | Lake Apo Excursion


Posting something from my backlog and I should have posted this months ago. Anyway, I call this excursion as one of those unplanned trips that happened to be so fun. It was not like the other past trips that I had that I was completely prepared. I was kind of doing something my girl used to tell me, the unplanned trips are the most exciting ones. Yes, indeed it was, and it was one of the most exciting trip I’ve had.

Travel budget is one thing that I regard as a vital factor when travelling. Without it I wouldn’t feel at ease and enjoy the trip because I don’t have the means of buying or availing what I might have to try on that trip. But no, my girl wanted me to experience travelling and not being uptight about the budget. I really didn’t have much, in fact, salary day was still five days away. It was really just ‘good luck’ to me.

Friday after work (technically Saturday), I took a bus going to Bukidnon. Did I say that Bukidnon is one of my favorite travel destinations? Sure it takes four hours from point A to point B but what I really love is being able to see the mountains and the big open sky. No obstruction from electric posts and tall buildings. Sometimes I just wanna drive a motorcycle or just cycle my way so I could stop over wherever I want and just be in that moment. Maybe take some pictures. Definitely take some pictures.

Anyway, it was dark so I didn’t expect to see some mountains so I just ate some snacks and took a nap. I remember waking up when we got to Buda where we needed to get off the bus for quarantine. The next thing was waking up and we were already in Quezon, Bukidnon. Almost home sweet home (of my partner. haha). I was very excited.

Visiting my partner’s house gives me joy and a feel of being laid back. Not because it was in the province but when I’m there I don’t need to worry about work or anything. Life is simple there. The things I like when staying there are the things that I can’t do or don’t normally do when I’m in Davao. Driving a motorcycle for example. You can’t drive without a license and wearing a helmet in Davao. At least you can’t drive without the fear of being caught by the authorities. Well, you don’t need to worry about that there and some other things.

Cable tv! Mind you, their television is much larger that what we have at home and there’s cable connection. We discontinued ours a long time ago so I definitely miss cartoons. (Haha) Also the ambiance and the welcoming feel of the people there. We didn’t do so much on the first day. We ended it by eating ice cream and watching movies until we got to sleep.

The next day, we got up and went to church early. The praise and worship usually ends after lunch so we didn’t really plan on doing anything after besides going home. Then, a suggestion came up. A suggestion that was seconded by everyone. Yes, we all agreed on going to Lake Apo in Valencia. It didn’t take long for us to get our things ready.  We immediately road on the back of an elf truck that Mercy’s father owns. Yes, an elf truck (bad-ass). We took the Busco short cut so we could get there faster. It was surprising that most of the road was already fixed. It made our travel time shorter and on top of it we got to see an awesome view.

From Valencia proper, there is a road there that leads to an inner community. It took almost an hour of driving uphill before we actually got to the lake. As expected it was breathtaking, something that you don’t see everyday in the city. We rented out a cottage raft. Depending on how many guests are there, you can choose which cottage you want. We rented out the largest one. The cottages are rigged with a rope that you can use to pull so you could get to the other side of the lake.



Thus, the disadvantage of having chosen the largest cottage comes in play. The bigger the cottage, the heavier it is to pull it across the lake. Plus there’s an opposite current making it harder to pull it. Once you get across you can do the cooking. That is if you brought raw food that needs to be grilled or roasted. There is also cooking place provided at the staging site but who would want to do that? That’s just us though.

We had a good time relaxing and swimming. I didn’t swim that much though since I’m not a fan of swimming in waters which sea bed I can’t clearly see. Haha. Plus it’s not like swimming at the beach. I recommend using a life jacket to avoid accidents. The water is very deep and cold. If you’re not a fan of swimming then you could perhaps lay down on the raft and feel the breeze or eat or go fishing. Whichever makes you happy basically.

There’s also a rest house at the far side of the lake. I think the cottages are rent-able but I’m not sure. It seems to be a private property.


After spending our afternoon there we went back to the truck and drove home. It was very cold because I didn’t change into some new clothes. On our way home we got to see the beautiful starry night sky. One of the advantages of not having light pollution in rural areas. We got home and had dinner and then went on to a good night sleep. The trip was worth it.


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