San Remegio Excursion


We decided to take a break and escape from the urban life to get in touch with nature and relax. Another unplanned excursion to San Remegio, Samal Island, Philippines. We were supposed to join a climbing event that day but because of constraints we couldn’t.  So we decided to head to the beach. San Remegio is situated in Samal Island. We used to think of it as located at the far-most side of the island. I have been to the place once, but that was on a mountain bike and I didn’t get to enjoy the place much as we needed to ride back home. It is one of the reasons I wanted to go back to the place and this time I’m going with someone special.

Our excursion started at Sta. Ana wharf, Davao City, where we took a bus ride to Kaputian. Kaputian is farthest place that the bus can go. From there we took a motorcycle ride to Alorro beach resort in Barangay San Remegio. It’s a bumpy ride from the bus terminal to the beach resort. It’s full of gnarly uphills and downhills. It was then that I realized how far we trailed on our mountain bikes back then. Plus it was very dark.  Upon reaching we were greeted by the soothing ambiance of the place. The white sands, the beach and the calmness.



The resort wasn’t like any resort. I think not many people from the city has knowledge of the place because most people think of Paradise Island, Kaputian, Sunset Beach, etc. when you say Samal Island. It’s what makes the place peaceful and calm. Also it’s not that developed yet and in my opinion its better that way. We went near the beach and just sat there admiring the place. I put out a cloth so we could lie on the sand. My girl likes to do that because she said it feels like all the stress are being sucked from her body.

Later on we started to set up our tent so we could place our things in. For the sake of information, there are cottages in the resort. They also have rooms that can be rented for the night. There’s a room good for two that already has a comfort room and if my memory serves me well, the rate is five hundred pesos. That’s the only rate I remembered though. There’s also a store where you can buy food and beverages. You could also ask the locals to cook you food for a fair price. The resort was remote but it’s not inconvenient to stay there. You could basically get what you need as there’s also electricity.

The tide sets in during the night and the waves get bigger and bigger. I think it would be fun but I don’t recommend swimming in it during the night. Because of that we just stayed at the shore and watched the night sky filled with stars. It looked like a thousand diamonds were strewn across a black blanket. We were lucky that it wasn’t gloomy that night. We managed to take a photo with us in it. Having a tripod is handy when it comes to this. We slept afterwards. It was the longest number of hours of sleep that I’ve had in a long time.

20140201_191908 copy

I was excited for the sunrise during the morning but again we weren’t that lucky to witness it fully because the sun was blocked by a sea of dark clouds. I still took a photo of it even though the sun was already up. We had our breakfast after that and then we took more photos along the beach as the clouds began to clear off. The sun lit up the turquoise colored beach. It was clear and it was so inviting. Especially the middle part because it was all sand. I don’t usually want to dive into a beach where there are many seaweeds beneath because it always makes me feel like there’s something that will suck me into the deep abyss. Well that’s just me.



Before we took a plunge we went to the far side of the cove. There’s a beautiful place there where we took most of our photos. You can get even further if you swim or if it’s during the low tide. We met a foreigner there who was also scanning the place. He wanted to dive but he didn’t bring his gear with him. He was nice, he even volunteered to take a photo for us. He went on his merry way after that. Later on we took a swim before prepping to go home. The water was quite cool and it was like we had the beach for ourselves that day.




We started to prep after lunch and went home after that. We went home the same way we went there. The same motorcycle driver took us back to the bus terminal. We had his contact number though he was already there even before lunch. It’s advisable to take the contact number to ensure that someone will pick you up, especially when the place is remote or far. Till next time. End

Some factoids:

San Remegio Map

How to get there:

  • Bus ride from Sta. Ana wharf, Davao City to Kaputian, Samal Island (P75.00 per head)
  • Alternate route is to take a boat from Sta. Ana wharf to Kaputian (around P80.00 pear head)
  • Motorcycle ride from Kaputian bus terminal to San Remegio (P150.00 per motorcycle)

Fees / Rates:

  • Entrance fee for overnight (P10.00 per head)
  • Tent pitching (P60.00 per tent)
  • Closed cottage with comfort room (P500.00 per night)
  • There are open cottages, tables and chairs
  • There are stores nearby where you can buy food and beverages
  • There’s a clean common comfort room for male and female

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