We Meet Again | Tagaytay Excursion

On my brief trip to Manila to visit my girl, we decided to take a short trip to Tagaytay. We wanted to go to a place where we could see nature, away from the busy streets in the city. The first place that came into our minds was Tagaytay. It’s actually one of the places that I have planned to visit this year. Though short, it was still fun. What’s more fun than having to go an adventure with your loved one? We got to see some places that I have read about in blogs and other articles. The view from the ridge and Taal Lake. What made it more fun and exciting is that it was actually our first time to travel together. Just the two of us. Travelling together maybe somewhat difficult for us because of some constraints, but I promised her I’d make it to a point that even it’s going to be difficult, I will come and visit her. One way or another, I will.


Some people say that when you find true love, timing becomes a “female dog”. Well I’m kind of in that situation right now. So why did I come all the way to Manila just to see nature? Nope. I did come all the way to Manila but I did it to visit someone very dear to me. We like to travel. We like adventure. So we went there. Earlier in July I had already booked my flight for August. I took the first flight to Manila on the 17th of August. I was really excited to be there and see her. Knowing that she was already at the terminal, waiting for me. I was happy that there was no flight delay and that the weather was good. I arrived at NAIA Terminal 3 around 7AM. I claimed my baggage and went straight to the arrival area. Then I saw her there. She was smiling and a bit teary when she saw me. She was beautiful.

I went straight to her and hugged her. It was kind of a moment where you want to pause. Just stay there and cherish that moment. Then we went along and was kind of floating around. (Haha) Well anyways. We took a bus from the airport heading to Pasay Taft. Then from there we boarded a jeepney that would take us to Coastal Mall, Southwest Integrated Bus Terminal. From the terminal we boarded a bus bound for Nasugbu. There’s a bus bound for Tagaytay but you can still board a bus bound for Nasugbu and just get off at Olivarez or Tagaytay rotunda. We just told the conductor to stop by the rotunda. It was a 2 to 3 hour bus ride to Tagaytay. It was already gloomy by that time. We didn’t realize that there was an incoming typhoon.

We got off by the rotunda. The rotunda is located at the center of the city. It’s where you can board sorts of public vehicles to where you want to go. In our case we took a tricycle going to Picnic Grove. That’s the first place we went to because it’s just located in front of View Park Hotel, the hotel that we had booked into. Also the tricycle driver told us that there were restaurants in the premises of Picnic Grove so we decided to have our lunch there. For me, it was good place to go if you want to just chill and relax while looking at the view of Taal Lake. However I would suggest you go there during the weekdays, where there are fewer people. The place can get too crowded during the weekend. We didn’t stay that long though. We just circled the place and see whats in there. We didn’t have a good opportunity to take pictures because it was raining still.


We left there almost 2PM in the afternoon then we headed straight to the hotel to check in. At first glance I already knew it was classy. I liked the ambiance of the place. The staffs were very welcoming too. What’s good about first time experiences is that its exciting. So we got there, placed our things and changed clothes and rested for a while. It was raining and we couldn’t do much so might as well relax. During the night we went out to have dinner at the cafe.  They have an acoustic band that plays there. It was cozy and the band was good. However, after having our dinner we were still kind of a little wanting to eat some food. What we did is that we took a tricycle going to the nearest 7-Eleven store and bought some food and drinks. Then we went back to the hotel and had a movie marathon until we slept.


The next day we woke up around 9AM in the morning. I already accepted that we couldn’t get to climb Mt. Taal because it was still raining. So we stayed in the room until it was time to check out. I was thinking of a place that we could go to and have lunch or just stay and spend time together. I remembered we passed by Starbucks the day before so we decided to go there. I’m not really a Starbucks fan but this one got me. It was placed perfectly by the ridge. It had a nice view of the lake and the place was just so relaxing. We stayed at the table at the balcony. We ate, took pictures and did sorts of silly stuffs. That’s another good thing when you’re in a place where no one knows you. You don’t mind doing silly things. After a few hours we went on because it was time to go back to Manila.


We went back to Olivarez where the bus to Manila are stationed. It was another two to three hours of travel. During the ride we happen to have bought a box of Buko Pie. Its a famous “must buy” in Tagaytay. We bought it as a present for our friend back in Manila. We just enjoyed the movie being played in the bus as the rain was getting worse while we were nearing Manila. I was beginning to get worried we might get wet or wort stranded. My flight the next morning is really early so we just kinda wanted to find someplace to stay and kill the time. The nearest mall that we were able to get to was SM Manila. So we stayed there and watched a movie. After that, we thought the rain had already stopped but to our surprise it only got worse and the streets were already flooded.

We were stranded and I needed to get to the airport as soon as possible. At first I thought of crossing in-spite of the flood but I remembered I had a leg wound so I really couldn’t. What we did is that we hired a tricycle to take us to the nearest place where we could ride a taxi. It was my first time to ride a tricycle with that much flood that I was already standing on top of the seat. I didn’t mind what I had to pay as long as we could cross. Then we got to ride a taxi and headed straight to the airport. Yes, I was all barefoot at the airport. That’s how I rolled. Anyways, all short stories have end chapters so this is it and I’m going to reality. One thing we have come to decide though. We will surely come back to Tagaytay. The end.

Some factoids from our little trip:

  • Bus fare from NAIA Terminal 3 to Pasay Taft (Php10.00)
  • Jeepney fare Pasay Taft to Coastal Mall (Php10.00)
  • Bus fare to Tagaytay (Php80.00+)
  • Picnic Grove Entrance fee (Php50.00)

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