Revisiting Amihan Sa Dahican

Amihan Sa Dahican

Revisiting Dahican was probably one of the best part of my summer this year. The first time I was in Dahican was also in April of this year. It was during a cycling tour, a bike-packing adventure. Dahican is probably the most popular beach destination in Mati because of its long stretch of white sand beaches and beautiful turquoise waters. It’s also known for its active skim-boarding and surfing scene. So why revisit Dahican? It’s because I never really got to enjoy the place. It was already nightfall when we arrived at the place and we were already tired. We just simply took part of the event and then slept afterwards. The next day we only got to swim a bit as we needed to prepare our things for the trip home. It’s like I still wanted to stay a little longer but I couldn’t. I knew then that I would going back. Me and my friends had already planned to go to Mati and visit the place last year. It was all set, then as the months passed it turned out that only three of us would be going. Luckily I was able to invite another free soul to tag along with me because I was really about to forgo the said plan. Thanks to Mercy it turned out that it wasn’t a boring adventure after all. As people say, it’s not the destination but rather the journey.  Two of my friends went on first and we just followed the day after due to conflicts of work schedules. Off to Mati, we went.

So, how to get there? When we first went there during our bike-packing adventure we went through the trail from Maco to Palok, then from Palok to Maragusan where we tackled a seemingly endless uphill and then reassembled at Barangay Araibo. From there we continued our ride until we reached Mati. This time I won’t be riding my bike. I intended to go backpacking and just relax. Mati can be reached by either riding a van or bus. On our case we took the bus because I really though it’s much safer. You can just board a bus that’s bound for Mati City. It’s a four hour trip by the way and the bus fare from Davao City bus terminal to the Mati City bus terminal is P280.

Upon arriving at the Mati bus terminal you can get to Dahican by taking a motorcycle ride. Though there are other means of getting there, I suggest you take the motorcycle ride because it’s cheaper. The motorcycle fare from the bus terminal up to Amihan sa Dahican  is P50 per head. It may also vary depending on the things that you’re carrying. It’s fairly far if you ask me. Though luckily, again, our friends brought their car with them so they just picked us up. There’s no entrance fee at Amihan. There are no cottages. But it doesn’t cloud the fact that it has a very beautiful beach. Actually it’s one of the things that I like because it’s not yet touristy. When we arrived it was like the turquoise waters and the big waves was already welcoming us.

Amihan Sa Dahican

Though there are no cottages in the place you could still pitch your own tent. If you don’t have a tent, you could rent one. There’s a tent rental fee for P300. They also offer skim-board tutorial for P150 an hour and surfing tutorial (I forgot the price). There are other things that can be rented like surf boards, life vests, etc. I didn’t get all of the prices because they also didn’t exactly have a price list. (Hehe). There really isn’t that much accommodation but I can guarantee that the locals are very welcoming.

Food? You can buy snacks and drinks there but not real food. I scouted the area and saw some stores in the neighborhood. There you could buy canned goods and the like. It’s still much better if you bring your own food. In our case we just bought rice and noodles from the nearest store and asked one of the locals to cook it for us for a reasonable price. Yes, we brought food but I guess I really don’t want to tell why our food got lost (a dog). We got to borrow some utensils too. We just ate inside the tent that we rented. That is where we met Eric, one of the Amihan Boys.

Amihan is home to it’s so called “Amihan Boys” or the “Amihan Team”. Their popular actually. They compete in skimming and surfing competitions and they bring home the prize. I was amazed to learn that these boys (and girl) are so disciplined. They wake early in the morning to do their chores. Each of them are assigned a particular task. I even witnessed them doing some sort of swimming training. The were swimming into the deep water and they stayed there for almost like an hour. I noticed that they were being led by someone there. The locals call him “Botchok”. He acts as a father to the team and their mentor as well. We had a little chit-chat too. I learned that they are not allowed to have vices. Vices are strictly prohibited if you want to stay in the team. I was surprised to learn that one of the members of the team was actually my classmate during primary school and another one was a teammate in volleyball back in the day.

Dahican Sunrise
So much about the Amihan boys. One of the stunning and moments you could experience there is the beautiful sunrise. You could view the sun as it rises on the horizon. It’s really a majestic view. After that we decided to take a swim. The beach is wonderful! Be careful though, come noon the waves get bigger and bigger. Perfect for surfing and skim-boarding. Not so perfect for those who can’t swim. Well then you could always use a life vest just to be safe.

After that we took some pictures and had our breakfast. Same thing, we bought food and just asked the locals to cook it for us. We happened to bump in with some tourists there. They were learning how to make anklets. One of the locals was teaching them how to do it. It was funny actually. I didn’t think that those  tourists could understand a little vernacular language.  The Amihan Boys also sell stuffs like skim-boards, shirts and they also make hammocks from imported cloth. We got to go up on the second deck of their shack and got a better view of the sea. It was such a nice place.

View From The Deck

One other thing to be reminded of if you go to Dahican, water is not that abundant. There are intervals in which water is available. So if you want to rinse or wash off the sand you could go to the house across the entrance of Amihan. You could ask if they have water reserved for washing. Then you could just pay P15 per person. Oh and they also sell Ice candy which is tasty by the way. We washed and changed there. Then it was time to go home. All in all, we had a great experience. I got what I expected. I was able to enjoy and relax. The end.


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