Bukidnon Excursion

Bukidnon Excursion

Ever had that feeling of missing or longing to travel? I just had that feeling again and I think it’s gone contagious. It started with a mountain climbing adventure and now, I just welcome every excursion that comes my way.  This excursion happened last March 17-18, 2013. It was because of a birthday invitation from my friends that I met during the same mountain climbing event that I mentioned earlier. It was like, for a long time I wanted to travel not really on a far place but just travel. Anyway, so the dates were set. It was really my first time to go to Bukidnon (as far as my memory serves me) because we usually just pass by whenever there’s a trip down south. I was kinda eager for this trip. First, because I was gonna go with new company. Second, because they said that we were gonna climb Musuan Peak.

Before the trip I had to make some cupcake designs because the group decided to give the birthday celebrant, Mercy, a gift. The concept was all about her likes. She likes the outdoors, climbing mountains, riding bikes, etc. The adventurous type. Somehow I liked making the design even though I was tired. Well really though, you don’t feel that tired when you’re doing something that you like. So anyway, done with the cupcakes. I also had another thing hidden under my sleeve. I happen to have bought a carabao horn pouch and I though it’d be cool to give one as a gift too. I have friend who makes souvenirs and other tribal/ethnic stuff, so I bought two pouches.

Carabao Pouch

Sunday morning, I went to their boarding house around almost 6AM (ish) and I was already running late. Upon reaching the place, I didn’t even get the chance to unload from the taxi cab. We used the same taxi cab on our way to the bus terminal. Then at the terminal we boarded a bus bound for Cagayan de Oro City. Our first destination was Quezon, which happens to be the birthday celebrant’s hometown. The bus fare from Davao to Quezon is around 120(+) pesos only and trip takes around 4 hours or so we had ample time to sleep. Yes, I was able to sleep, I can sleep even if the bus was shaky, it kinda feels good actually. However, occasionally I would wake because I was constantly checking the cupcakes that the we brought with us.

En-route to RR Resort

We arrived at Quezon just in time for sermon. It was part of the itinerary to attend the worship mass there. After the mass, we header to their house, had a little chit-chat and then loaded the truck. Then we headed off to RR Resort, Maramag, Bukidnon. It’s a family resort with four flowing water swimming pools (I think). I couldn’t recall all the details regarding the accommodation fees except that the entrance fee is 40 pesos. The place is cool. It has plenty of cottages. The management is not that strict when it comes to the swimming attire except for one pool because there they require the swimmers to wear proper swimming attire. There’s also a live band that plays there. It was kinda weird though (IMO) because the band was playing at broad daylight and I usually see bands play at night. They also have a fishing spot there. I don’t know the details but they do have it, etc. etc. And yes, they offer cart lifts from the entrance gate to the cottages because it’s kind of a long way.

We left before 5PM because according to them that’s the cut off time for the day tour. We then headed straight to CMU (Central Mindanao University), the Alma mater of my friends, in Musuan. There we stayed for the night but before that we had the chance to explore some parts of the university. Explore, because it was my first time, to them it was like visiting an old friend.  I was really amazed with the place. I mean to me it was like the real college feel. There were dorms, boarding houses within the vicinity of the university. They even have a market there, where we had our dinner. The area was so big (and I though our university was big) that there are tricycles for transportation. The university has preserved most of its natural parts although they had already started to construct  new buildings. We also went to the dormitory that they used to live in. It was a girl dorm so guys where only allowed until 7PM. I enjoyed listening as they were coping up with their friends. Some of them actually mistook me for someone else.

After there we went to the market for dinner and brought ice cream along with us on our way back to the hostel. At the hostel we ate the ice cream and had time for freshening up and some movies. It was also our chance to give the gifts for the birthday girl. We had time for a little chit-chat until we got to sleep. I was happy that the gift I gave was appreciated. Wasn’t expecting that much but I guess some people do really appreciate blessing. I took the bed nearest to the window because the others where not valiant enough to take the spot. Well, it’s more like I didn’t have a choice, they had already picked the other spots/beds in the room. I didn’t matter though. I sleep in the living room of our house with screen doors as walls. I think windows with curtains are less frightening.

Early morning the next day we got up because we were bound to climb Musuan Peak, Mount Musuan. This was one of the things that I was looking forward to. After everyone got prepped we went out of the university and rode a jeep ride to Musuan Peak. At the foot of the mountain is the Mt. Musuan Zoological and Botanical Garden of the Central Mindanao University. It’s a zoological and botanical sanctuary, though Mount Musuan is an active volcano. I’ts also known as Mount Calayo (Fire Mountain). I’d take the Musuan Peak’s trail as one good for non-climbers as it has a direct trail up to the peak. I think it’s good for a biking trail too. There are detours along the way. You can either choose the easy trail or the hard trail if you’re feeling adventurous. We chose the hard trail. We reached the peak of the mountain within an hour I think. That includes stops for water break and picture-taking along the way. At the peak, there are cottages where you can stay and eat but the viewing deck is much more interesting. There are two viewing decks at the peak. We chose the one overlooking the landscape of Bukidnon which was more great, for me. We stayed there for a while just to relax and feel the cool breeze. We also took pictures there and left just before the sun became too harsh.

Bukidnon Overview

Bukidnon Overview | View From The Deck

On the way back to the university we decided to pass by the Philippine Carabao Center to buy some milk. It has a tourist shop that sells products made from Carabao milk. And yes! the milk tastes good. Worth every peso. It comes in different sizes too and it’s affordable. After there we took a jeep ride again back to the university but this time we entered through another entrance. It was then that I learned that university’s land area is 724 hectares. Amazing. They toured me to the different buildings there and the spots where they used to hang out. I was really starting to think that my college life was boring compared to them. I mean it was a really great school, etc. etc.

The Yellow Tree

The Yellow Tree

We also took pictures of their so-called “Yellow Tree”. When I saw it from afar I was amazed. First time I think, to see a yellow tree. It was actually golden shower tree. After the short tour we want back to the hostel to pack our things and get some sleep (again). Then it was already time to leave, we needed to vacate the room before lunch time. It was there that they started to eat the cupcakes that we brought. They were kinda hesitant to eat it because of the design, a reaction that I’m already used to. But still they ate it. Haha. We then decided to have lunch at the market. That’s one of the place in the school that I think adds up to the convenience as I also saw student’s riding bikes there. Cool! Well anyway, after having our lunch we left and went out through the main gate. I hated the fact that we were already living but we had. Yep, work. However, I knew then that it was just a start. Looking forward for more adventures and excursions. The end.


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