Indie Night At Albertino’s

Indie Nite. It’s where bands get to play their original songs or cover songs without the plain need to entertain. Last August 18, 2012, Albertino’s held its first Indie Nite where four of the indie bands from Davao (Skymarines, Anne Mendoza, Azimuth and Jad Montenegro) were invited to play. Albertino’s is a resto bar in Davao City. It’s located near SM City Davao, Ecoland Phase 3 entrance to be exact.The event started at 9pm and the first to play was indietronica band called The Skymarines. The Skymarines is basically composed Isa Aniga and Joe. The band also has collaborations with other musicians like Xenigma, etc.  They played their originals: Moonflower, Peter, Dreamer, and Happiness. Their tracks are downloadable by the way. The links are on the titles of the song.

Second to play was Anne Mendoza, formerly Anne and the 05’s. I really don’t know the story behind it but it’s just Anne now. She played her unplugged version of her songs and some songs that were known to me as songs from Anne and the o5’s. The electrical trips started on her set but it didn’t stop her from playing good. That’s what’s good about using acoustic guitars, it still produces sound even on power outages. Sorry I was not able to recall the title of songs that she played.

Third on the lineup was the band that I am part of, Azimuth. We are a progressive, electronic, ambient type of band. Its pretty much how the members of the band want the music to be like. The instrumentalists come from different genres of musical influences that’s why we incorporate what we can think about into our music. So much about the band. We don’t really play unplugged sets because of the fact that our music generally needs our equipment. We originally planned to play with Jad using a beatbox (cajon) but honestly he does not really have a good feel using a beatbox so he borrowed Isa’s iPad and Viola! Instant drum machine. Basically practiced the tapping few minutes before our set. I was excited in a way because it was going to be the first time.

We started the set with a sound check. We played a song from Up Dharma Down entitled Taya. There it was. Hearing the guitar intro and the drum machine with it gave me chills. Our set was composed of our originals: Hiling, Luha at Ulan, Portraits, Worth Dying For, Stitches, and Wicked. It was, by far, the best unplugged set that we had. Thanks to the cool setup at Albertino’s. We can do pretty much everything that we like unlike in other bars.

The last but not the least to play was Jad Montengro. To me, they were pretty much the main event. I can honestly say that I really like their songs. One of my favorite is Ano. The lyrics of the song is way too touching, I actually memorize the lyrics. I mean, for real, if a girl, lady or a woman sings that to a man. Then that man is lucky. Pjoe, the band’s bassist actually needed to borrow my bass during their set. I did not know what went wrong with his bass but yeah I lend him mine anyways. I’m not afraid to lend my bass to someone I know who is also good. I mean, a musician’s skill can also tell how he or she handles and instrument so it was no biggie.

The band played their originals. I can’t remember all the titles but I know they played Devil In You, Ano, Guitarman and Backyard. I like listening to their songs. It’s the feel and the uncommon lines. The jazzy feel, etc. Its kind of a music of their own.

After their set was the after party. Anyone who had the guts to get on that stage gets to perform. I hope more bars, restobars like this will emerge in Davao City. Where it could serve as a venue where real musician’s get to play their songs. I’m not really bashing show bands/variety bands. There are variety bands that also make their own songs and some of these musicians are really really good and I also started playing in one so I know how it feels or how it works. It’s just that music should not be caged into just mere playing for the sense of entertaining and earning money. And its sad to say that most venues here in the city only welcome this type of bands. Thank you to Albertino’s and the other bars as well, Sa’Less Diner and Moozika and the Durian Bar for standing up and helping Davao bands. Kudos!

More photos from the event. These are the ones that I took. The other photos I took from Albertino’s photo album.


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