The Other Hobby | Designing Cupcakes

“Designing Cupcakes”. Not really what I had in mind to be one of my hobbies. I’m a fan of music, art and the like so I guess eventually I’ll experience doing this. I started out helping my mother designing cupcake orders, just doing the basic designs. My mother started a home based slash online business slash Cupcakery. We named it Cuppables. Eventually I was already doing the rather somewhat complicated designs (although I’ve seen a lot more complicated designs in the web). I enjoy making it and it serves as  a way for me to help my mother.

My parents are both bakers (not the real profession). They just both enjoy baking slash cooking. So anyway, my parents are in charge of baking the cupcakes and or cakes (depending on the order), and I’m the one designing it. My mother does the icing because I’m not yet used to it. And that’s how it goes. I’m thinking of bringing my girlfriend into the mix, maybe she’ll enjoy it too as much as I do.

About the photographs, I was the one who took them. I’m not really good at taking pictures especially on a not so well-lit place. I envy seeing those cool cupcake photographs. The pictures in the gallery are just some of the designs that I made. If by any chance you want to view the other designs you can view it in our page. Cuppables!


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