My First Encounter With Up Dharma Down

This is a post from my Tumblr page and I thought of posting it here too since I have not been making some post lately. Here goes. I have been a fan of Up Dharma Down since high school yet I never had the chance to watch the band perform live. Up Dharma Down is one of my influences in music and my band (Azimuth) as well. I finally did watch them perform live last night at Abreeza Ayala Mall. Astig!

I wouldn’t actually call it encounter because I didn’t have the chance to meet and greet them. It was already late when I learned how to acquire passes. I was sort off star strucked when I saw Paul and Armi walked at the entrance. I actually though that it was just someone that looked like Paul. It was my bandmate who said that it was actually Paul Yap. Even if I did not have a pass, I did had a good spot at second floor. Just like watching from a balcony. Had a good spot to take photos too. Galing ng Up Dharma Down!

Here are the photos from the gig.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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