Stormproof 2011 Year Ender

Last December 30, 2011, just before the world turned a year older, Stormproof orchestrated a year ender gig. All the bands under Stormproof were invited. We became under Stormproof since “Attach of the South“. Events like these are the one’s that I look forward to. Why? Because me and my band mates don’t get to hang out like we used to anymore. At least not like when we were in college. I mean, we already have jobs and our schedules don’t coincide. However we still do find time to arrange and compose our songs. Were actually hoping/looking forward on releasing our first EP album early this year. Anyway, back to the event. The gig was also Adimelab‘s debut. Adimelab was one of the sponsors in the event. I was actually a part of it. Adimelab took care of the photo’s of the event. The band lineup is as follows: The Sound of Go, As the City  Sleeps, Anne and the 05’s, Azimuth,  Jelly, Kamagong, Lost Tribe, A Glass House for Kristina, To the Tune of Lilies and David vs Goliath. I hope I didn’t forget one.

First off was the acoustic performance of Aijei Arcena of The Sound of Go. Followed by As the City Sleeps which was actually one with the cool style. No vocalist, just eargasmic ambient music. They claim to be a shy type band. Next was Anne and the 05’s. The band’s front man or should I say front woman was Anne Mendoza. Finally, the next band that played was Azimuth. We only played 5 songs, all of them were originals (Hiling, Portraits, Worth Dying For, Lies Behind Sweet Dialogues and Goodbye).  The next band, Jelly, gave the crowd a rockin’ performance with their covers and originals. The two bands that performed after were Kamagong and Lost Tribe. I gotta admit I enjoyed listening and watching these bands play their reggae music. The next three bands, A Glass House for Kristina, To the Tune of Lilies and David vs Goliath also gave the crowd a rockin’ not to mention head banging performance. When these bands started to play the crowd was just ecstatic. Some of the people just started moshing. The event was a blast and I hope to play some more in the future. Here are some of the photos of Azimuth courtesy of Adimelab.

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