Attack of the South


Attack of the South was an event spearheaded by Stormproof last March 26, 2011. Azimuth was the first band to play in the event together with Urbandub, Powerspoonz and other local bands: Ten In A Row, Davao Karate Club, Polar Depth, and Spasm. The event was indeed a blast. It’s really heartwarming to see people from Davao support its music scene and its local bands. Urbandub and Powerspoonz did a great job and rocked the whole crowd as the played their own music.

The last time I saw Urbandub was in year 2008 during the Red Horse Muziklaban. I must say I’m a fan of their music. Also it was my first time to watch Powerspoonz perform live. These bands originated from Cebu after all. We were privileged enough to have a backstage pass during the event so we got to watch the bands perform up close. Although it was not really properly managed because other people still got to go beyond the barricade without a pass when the main bands started to play. Well it was one of the things that made it a hell of a night too. 

We were also privileged to have our event photographer, Cindy Paulo, during the event. She managed to snoop out of work just to take photographs during the gig. Here are some of the photographs she took:

Attack of the South

Attack of the South

Attack of the South


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